After many years in construction and management industry we have detected main errors, which are made over and over again and have created software to minimize these errors and maximize the profit.
In construction even the smallest mistake or error can make a huge impact on a whole construction process, therefore there is a necessity for a fast decision-making process and instant action. OROCON is a solution for construction and management companies that allows saving two of the most important key elements in construction process – time and money.
Construction and maintenance projects tend to be overloaded with many tasks and unexpected inconsistencies that affect construction management process. OROCON helps to save money and time by detecting errors on time, controlling the tasks and keeping history of all tasks and inconsistencies, creating a transparent understanding of what is happening at the construction project. OROCON makes construction management better, easier and more dynamic by using current technologies.


We believe that future cannot be built and managed using technologies of the past. That`s why we have created product that allows to use all of the modern technology advantages in order to develop construction projects and help to earn more.



time is the most valuable asset and we are here to help you manage it


we strive for the high quality work and result


together we can build the world a better place


Combining knowledge of industry and development skills allowed to create a site management solution that brings together key features to organize site management where all information is stored and displayed in one-central system.

Aleksandrs Svaikovs

15 years construction

Andrejs Cumakovs

9 years BDM

Jurijs Zerebcovs
Full stack programmer

12 years experience