• Separation of work for contractor organizations
  • Import, export of projects in MS Project
  • Monitoring of violations and inconsistencies in context of work of the contractor organization
  • Flexible and convenient implementation input system
  • Creating of RFI* by contractor organizations for engineers
  • Creating of CRQ* by deadlines and control of shifts of subsequent work


  • Unified data exchange system for all tasks
  • Implementation of work directions by contractor organizations
  • Monitoring the implementation of tasks and violations
  • Overview of scheduling of work implementation
  • Forecasting of the overall shift in project implementation time
  • Average value of implementation


  • Record and control of tasks and violations
  • Photo fixation of construction site
  • CRQ* / RFI* / controlCreating of punch list* for delivery of project
  • Acceptance of the performed works by contract organizations
  • Quick search of violations and accompanying documentation
  • History of work execution progress


  • Flexible report constructor
  • Creating custom report forms
  • More than 45 types of data for reports
  • Access to reports and information in according with rights of access
  • Generating of regular reports
  • Generating of reports on contract organizations
  • Generating of reports on employees


  • Preservation of project documentation
  • Version control of documents
  • Flexible system of access to documentation
  • Possibility to store accompanying documentation for everyone
  • Forming of acts of fault detection
  • Documentation on nodes and
  • Comments and document tagging